Installation of individual 3D numbers and letters

Let yourself be guided by this incredibly simple dropdown menu, where you will find step-by-step details on how to install individual 3D numbers and letters.

Numbers and letters

Materials included in the package
Numbers and letters

Please read the guide carefully before proceeding with the installation. Pay close attention during positioning. Take the necessary time to position the provided template. Once the letter or number is glued to the wall using the adhesive, it will be impossible to remove it.

Inside the package, we have included everything you need to facilitate wall mounting.

  • Template for pre-positioning
  • Letters and numbers you selected during the purchase
  • Cylindrical steel dowels for installation

Epoxy glue and drill are not included in the package.


      Step 1

      Template for installing 3D numbers and letters

      Position the template on the wall.

      Step 2

      Paper tapes

      Use some paper tape and securely attach the template to the wall. 

      Step 3

      Positioning line

      Use the horizontal or vertical centerline to position multiple numbers next to each other. This procedure allows you to align the elements properly.

      Step 4

      Drill through the template.

      Drill through the template at the marked locations.

      Be careful.

      Use a 5mm drill bit. Remove any dust residue from the cavity to facilitate the insertion of the cylindrical anchors and the chosen 3D element.

      Step 5

      Step 5

      Perform a first test by inserting the number (or letter) onto the wall and ensure that it goes in smoothly and naturally. Avoid applying force if you notice any dust residues obstructing the insertion.

      Step 6

      Step 6 

      If the test is successful and the cylindrical pins fit perfectly into the slots, remove the template from the wall and proceed to the next step.

      Step 7

      Step 7


      Get some epoxy glue or chemical anchor and inject it into the cavity. It is recommended to attach one letter at a time to avoid the glue drying out.

      Step 8

      Step 8

      Attach the letters to the wall securely.

      Step 9

      Step 9


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