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Hello! We are a group of friends, architects, and designers who have combined our passions to found NumberFix. Our story.

It all starts on an island immersed in the Mediterranean: Sicily. During the period of technological modernization, our reality is born simultaneously in 2005 when we officially enter the world of graphic design and advertising communication. With the knowledge of our collaborators, we immerse ourselves in the virtual world and online sales. In 2014, we created a new e-commerce inventivashop.com which still boasts a considerable number of users, including professionals, lawyers, notaries, technicians, and owners of tourist businesses. The result was a great success in the field of plates and corporate signage! Friends, family, and strangers started requesting their plates, conveniently configuring them from home.

Thus was born the InventivaShop brand of Inventiva Pubblicitaria with its concept of personalization.

Production of House Numbers by Number Fix

For several years, modern house numbers have started to spread throughout Europe, thanks to their accessibility on the internet, giving rise to various shapes and colors that reflect current trends.

We also decided to turn our knowledge and experience into a new project! We designed a line of plates for professionals and indoor door plaques, featuring unique fonts and particularly suitable for the design sector. We have created them in various materials such as acrylic glass and metals, and successfully installed them in the first homes and companies of our loyal customers.

House Numbers Packaging by NumberFix

We didn't stop there! Today, NumberFix is a subsidiary of Inventiva Pubblicitaria. NumberFix was created to gather the best experiences and showcase them in a new commercial platform. We have created modern house numbers designed and produced by us! This new reality, focused exclusively on house numbers, has become a thriving company that delivers elegant charm to modern residents worldwide. We are proud that each product is still made by us and our fantastic team right here in Sicily, Italy.

We hope you enjoy the modern house numbers as much as we enjoy creating and packaging them!

Best regards,

Antonio Benanti