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Are you looking for something truly unique in our online catalog but can't find exactly what you want? Don't worry, we're here to make your vision a reality with our new and exciting customization service. Imagine custom house numbers and nameplates. Discover the power of expressing yourself through custom design and live in an environment that is truly yours.

Be like Joe!

Joe had a deep desire to make his intercom unique and reflective of his personality. In this quest for individual expression, his journey led him to NumberFix. With warmth and open hospitality, the NumberFix team embraced his vision, taking on the task of creating a custom masterpiece for his intercom system. Every detail was meticulously scrutinized: the shape it should take, the perfect dimensions, the color palette that would capture Joe's essence, and the typographic style that would give voice to his aesthetic preferences. In this intricate creation process, every nuance of Joe's desire was translated into a tangible reality. And so, the result of this meticulous effort comes to life in a brief but significant video. Here, we see Joe with a satisfied smile on his face as he carefully screws the personalized plaque onto his cherished intercom.

Services for private residences

Welcome to the fascinating world of customization, where our team of experts will enthusiastically guide you in choosing the finest materials, the shape that best suits your desires, and defining the ideal dimensions that make the product unique, just like you.

Share your vision in a few lines: describe your project and the desired content to help us fully grasp your idea.

Your idea will come to life thanks to our commitment to creating a perfectly tailored reality for you. Let yourself be carried away by our passion for detail and enjoy the creation process as we transform your vision into a magnificent personalized work of art.

Discover a customized offer to make your dreams come true: our team creates tailor-made quotes, just like the product of your desires.

With total transparency, you will receive a customized quote based on your choices, ensuring adaptability to your preferences. With no unpleasant surprises, you will have the perfect quote to meet all your needs.

Enter the desired quantity and receive an instant discounted quote. For each quantity, its discount, calculated proportionally to your needs. The larger the quantity, the higher the discount.

Don't miss this opportunity: get the products you love at an even more advantageous price!

We care about your vision: you will receive two graphic proposals created specifically based on your requests. Our designer will be by your side to guide you through the product customization, ensuring you an extraordinary result.

Production will start only after you have given your consent to the graphic preview, ensuring your total satisfaction with the final product.

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Get your personalized sign: turn your idea into reality with the unique touch of our team!
Fill in the required details below to bring your tailored request to life. You will receive a response within 48 hours regarding feasibility and price, and don't forget that special discounts are available based on desired quantities.
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