I have to furnish my house, I really like the modern style: advice on how to furnish it

Arredare casa con uno stile moderno
Are you about to move house or do you want to renovate an industrial chic-style apartment? With a few simple tricks you can furnish home with a modern and contemporary touch, or renovate it with little money, without having to shell out a fortune.

The first thing you have to take into consideration is the importance of details and particulars: as a well-known German architect of the nineteenth century, Mies Van Der Rohe said, "God is in the detail", which is therefore something fundamental to transform the style of an entire environment.

NumberFix offers you a vast assortment of personalized and handmade house numbers, unique, for a touch of design that starts from the entrance door of your home.

But let's proceed in order: by continuing to read, you will discover some style tips for furnish your home with a glamorous touch and contemporary... to scream!

The importance of painting and wallpapering

Be it in case you stay leasing house ex novo, whether you are in the midst of a renovation, the first thing to think about are the coverings and the color of the walls. Choose a fashion color based on current trends, evaluating the right combinations.

Remember that with just one wall in a contrasting colour, you can give liveliness and rhythm to even the most anonymous room.
Here are some tips to inspire your stylish home:

- choose a contrasting vinery or burgunty wall
Choose a Vinery or Burgundy Contrast Wall

- evaluate whether to paint a part of the wall with a nice wisteria, mauve or gray colour, to give dynamism to the white walls
Doimo Salotti
- you can decorate the walls of the living room with wooden boiserie to break up the monotony of light tones, or turn it into caramel or chocolate colored portions.
Custom Carminati Joinery Panelling

If you have already painted the house but you want to renew the environment with a quick but at the same time effective touch, bet everything on the choice of upholstery.
With a single tablecloth or a brightly colored terrycloth bathroom set you will be able to make a makeover adapted to your needs, without the need to whitewash the house.

Choose a single piece of furniture placed at the vanishing point

You don't always have the time and money to completely renovate the house, but you can buy a unique piece in a flea market, or in a second-hand store where you can find savings opportunities.
Place your antique furniture or your iconic furniture in a strategic place in the room, for example along the vanishing point.
Here is an example of unique and exclusive design furnishings, true cult objects with which to completely transform the soul of the room and give it panache and character.

- a design lamp such as the Artemide or Flos solutions, or another made in Italy brand
Flos Lampade
Artemide Lamps

- a leather sofa or the Chaise Longue by Le Corbusier with its typical sinuous and elongated line
Chaise longue Le Corbusier

- an antique and vintage piece of furniture within the contemporary decor, such as a Liberty writing desk or an antique walnut table

- something current and futuristic in metal and steel, like a design floor lamp with pure structure.

The importance of lighting

Lamps, abat jours, chandeliers and light points are essential for furnishing the home in a contemporary style: we advise you to focus on custom designs with clean and essential lines, in full respect of the less is more style.

On the market you can find a vast assortment of floor lamps for the living room and living room, but also energy-saving bedside lamps that respond to sustainability characteristics.

Perfect, for furnish and illuminate an apartment of reduced size, they are the bright spotlights and LED spotlights that can be set in the ceiling and also between the corners of the boiserie, even on the floor.

These LED solutions are space-saving lighting strategies that sculpt the environment and enhance even the smallest centimeter available.

Choose the material contrast

Furnish your home in a modern key it means being inspired by industrial chic trends: clean lines and metal and steel materials are the criteria of this very popular contemporary style.

Whether you have a loft or an elegant apartment available to be used as an open-plan space, whether you live in a mezzanine or a studio apartment, focus on the contrast between fabrics and materials.

For example, combine wood with steel and the natural colors of ebony and metal, or choose a chrome finish that breaks up the monotony of the leather sofa.
The secret of success is playing with the shape and with all the opportunities it offers, even with a pinch of pure madness.
Only then will you be able to get a modern decor and personalized, all to be experienced and shown to your guests.

Custom House Numbers - Style starts at the entrance

The main door of your apartment and your house is the best business card and presents the style you like best: for this reason, it deserves a personalized house number that represents you.

NumberFix designs and creates nameplates, installations and house numbers with unique and unrepeatable fonts, specially designed to add polish and embellish your home, your peaceful corner, the showroom or the headquarters of your business.
Modern Shaped House Number

Because style is love at first sight, and it starts at the door!

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