Custom outdoor house numbers

Numeri civici da esterno personalizzati

I house numbers are elements to be placed on the outside of homes and buildings, it is our first requirement to make them with durable and weather-resistant materials. 

There is a market linked to habits and traditions: however house numbers in stone or hand-painted ceramic remain highly respected artifacts in the home-oriented design market. We started from a new expression of design, through the use of new raw materials.

New ways to create customized outdoor house numbers

New Ways to Create Custom Outdoor House Numbers


If we look at emerging trends, displaying a civic plaque outdoors is also a way to show off one's style and this means setting trends with more refined and more captivating designs. A home is made, furnished and cared for according to the preferences of those who live there. It is precisely this reason that makes a home constantly subject to changes, both functional and aesthetic improvements. Embellishments and so on and so forth, operations that allow you to make your home even more unique and special.

Today, especially with the advent of new technologies, great innovations have emerged in the decorative sector. This trend prompted us to focus on a new target and create a line of shaped plates and numbers for homes suitable for outdoor use. 

We at NumberFix fully represent the emerging trend of house numbers and do not underestimate their main destination: exposure to bad weather and atmospheric agents. 

We use acrylics with a very surprising natural effect customized using laser technologies. This means that the house number can also be placed in industrial or seaside areas where the saltiness or chemical agents present in the area can be a very aggressive factor.

We have tested these materials for more than 15 years and with our same experience we have designed a line dedicated exclusively to outdoor use.

A comfortable and resistant fastening system

For most of the products, we have taken care of the fastening system, with a system that hides the various accessories: spacers, screws and nuts. Find out how to install NumberFix house numbers.


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